Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tool #3 (I hope it works this time!!!)

I am so angry! After spending a couple of hours working on this..I lost the original post I was making! I am so frustrated right now :( This is the one part of technology that I don't like/enjoy! Here it goes again.....
I decided to create a comic strip first, and had a lot of fun doing it! I think this would be a great tool to use in the classroom. Where I could see using this tool is in writing. Teaching fourth grade, when I would tell students that it was time to write I would hear a collective "awww, I hate writing! It's so boring!". I found that the traditional paper and pencil way of writing can be very challenging/boring for some students and many get discouraged. If presented with a non traditional way, I think teachers would be surprised at what students can produce. I plan on using this with my students this upcoming school year and I know if I tell them that they are going to write a story, I will hear "oh man! I don't want to do that". When I tell them that they will write their story in comic strip form, I will hear "cool!" and when I show them how to do it I know I will have students fighting to get started! The nice thing about creating these comics online is that once the students have completed their comic, they can publish it and it is available for other students to read. Students that may not have had access to the comic if it was done in the traditional paper/pencil format. Students can comment on other students comics and right there, they have formed a personal learning network!

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

I LOVED creating this video about weathering, erosion and deposition. What I did not love however, was trying to post it to my blog! It took many many tries, but I finally got it! Videos are a very useful tool in the classroom, as every teacher knows. The nice thing about creating your own video, you can tailor it to your own students/class needs. Videos can be used as a set to any lesson. A quick 30 second video to introduce students to the concept. Teachers can also create videos to go along with concepts that are being taught in a current unit or can be used at the end of a unit.
Creating the video was very quick and easy, and will be a nice tool for students to use. Students can create videos to go along with projects. Another way students can use this tool is to create a quick video at the beginning of the year (each student) to introduce himself/herself to the class. At the end of the year, learners can create a video to show what they have learned throughout the year. This can be used in groups or individually. It is a nice tool to use with all students. Teachers can differentiate-have students work with a partner, individually, with teacher assistance, etc.

Ok folks..I HOPE tool #3 is done and that my video posts. IF that is the case, 3 down....8 more tools to go!

The journey continues!

credits: image generator created on http://www.comicstripgenerator.com/
video created on http://www.animoto.com/


  1. What a great video. I especially liked the music you chose.. I'm gonna go work on mine.. Check my blog later to see if it is there!!!

  2. Sorry you had trouble. My network at home is constantly dropping. I don't know if that was your issue, but I hope you persevere!

  3. Your video was awesome! I always loved studying the Earth as a child, imagine if my teacher would have shown this to us...way back then!
    I appreciate your honesty during this process. Learned something from your blog. :)

  4. I became frustrated also, it seems to take a long time to connect with the instructions, but it has to get done, so it will get done. I feel I will also use this tool to connect with the students more often. I guess it is so important these days to become un-social by communicating through the computer instead of personally. Guess that's the way of the future. I was just wondering if I will spend more time in front of the tube than under my car fixing it. Something has to give...