Friday, June 4, 2010

Tool #1

So I JUST finished the first tool of eleven and it took quite a while! The best part was creating the avatar. I had WAYYY too much fun. I can just imagine how much the kids will enjoy it. I think I could spend hours playing around with that tool! The technical parts were a bit challenging though. I am working with some of my fellow teachers and we are all working at different speeds trying to do it together, some computers take longer to load while others load quickly-that's the most challenging part SO FAR!

Let's see what the next 10 tools have in store for us!

11 be continued.............


  1. Working together in a group is a great idea.

    Isn't it funny (and frustrating) how technology sitting side-by-side can act differently?

  2. Wow -- you may need to put up a warning for epileptics! Joking....