Friday, June 4, 2010

I think I'm addicted!

I just finished with the first of many "mandatory" parts of this 11 tools for the 21st century learner a couple of hours ago..but strangely, I am finding myself compelled to come back and play with this more! I can definitely see how this will be an effective tool to use with our students. If I'm already hooked, I can just imagine how "into it" the kids will be and what a great way to get through to them! I can definitely see myself using this a lot with my kids-I haven't even seen the rest of the tools!


  1. The tools are a lot of fun! I find myself playing with them on my laptop while watching tv with my husband -- usually I'm not that in to the tv anyway!

  2. Blogging and using these tools are fun! Hope you are enjoying your summer.