Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tool #10: Exploring Mobile Technology and Apps

So, like Mary I too attended an ipod touch training (same training, different time!) and it was my first time to touch and ipod touch also. We learned about itunes u, and Lit2Go also. I also had the opportunity to play around with the apps that were provided on the list (100 or so approved by SBISD) and uploaded some of them into the Ipod Touch. Some of the apps I looked at and played with are:

1. Discuss some of the free educational apps you revewed.
AFactor Tree (students practice factorization)
ArithmeTick (like math flashcards, but on the touch)
AstroFacts (just like the name suggests-facts about outer space such as Venus has no moons, students touch the icon at the bottom for a new fact-A solar flare is a giant explosion in the Sun's atmosphere)
(penguins eat all of the numbers that match the math fact, for example-multiples of 3, students tap on the numbers that are multiples of three, the penguin eats it. Students must be careful. When students begin to play, a window pops up telling them what a multiple is and it also gives examples. They must do all of this trying to stay safe from the yeti! If a student goes to the wrong multiple, they will lose a life, if the yeti gets to them, they lost a life! Really fun!) The Lite version is available for free, which consists of two levels only and students will play for a few minutes only. You have to buy the full version from itunes.
Capitals SB (you can either study or test yourself here. If you choose study mode, you see the state and it's capital-like flashcards. This is in alphabetical order. In test mode, the game provides a state and 4 choices for the capital city. If you choose an incorrect answer, all answer choices except for the correct answer choice disappear. The game keeps score at the top of the screen.
ClockMaster (the students are presented with an analogue clock showing a specific time. They are to touch the analogue section at the bottom of the screen to match the time. When they think that they have the correct answer, they touch "check" and a message pops up at the top of the screen either saying "Right!" or "Missed it". At the bottom of the screen (beside the "check" there is a status bar showing progress. When the status bar is full, you have completed the game and are shown your score out of 50, and your time.)
Fractions (the player is given a number line, 0-1 with 1/2 in the middle. The player is also given a number of different fractions that they must place on the number line. If the student drags the fraction tile to the correct spot on the number line, it stays, then disappears. If they drag the fraction tile to the incorrect spot, then the fraction tile goes back to its original spot and a picture of the fraction is shown to students. The student must play until all fraction tiles have been placed correctly on the number line. Once done, the student is given their accuracy and time.)
MatheMagicLE (this is not the full version but it provides students with lessons on how to: square numbers in the 50;s, multiply by 11 and divide any number by 5. Students can also play games corresponding to each lesson. If they choose multiply by 11 for example, they are given something like 52x11=? and are given 4 answer choices to choose from. This is very short, if you want full version, you have to buy it)
Presidents (flashcards for the presidents of the United States. This is in order and provides a picture, the name of the president, which party they are affiliated with and the duration of their presidency. For example George Washington, no party, April 30 1789-March 4, 1797. Students then slide their finger across the screen and the second president comes up across the screen.

2. OPTIONAL: If you had an opportunity to play with one of the devices, briefly describe your experience. Was there a WOW moment?
I loved the Ipod Touch so much that I went out and bought one for myself! When I got home I uploaded the apps I had already uploaded into my itunes library to my new Ipod Touch. I have been playing with some of the games and have been having fun. I enjoy the presidents game. I like this one in particular because I did not grow up in the United States and do not know all of the presidents. It's a fun and informative way for me to learn a bit about them! I had a WOW moment playing around with the Ipod Touch realizing that technology is SO amazing! We can do so much with such a small instrument, with a touch of a finger!
3.. Discuss ways your students could use the iTouch or iPad and appropriate apps in your class.
There are so many apps out there that I need to continue exploring, but with the apps that I have found so far, I can see using the Ipod Touches in centers and having students play on them (math games, conducting research)

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