Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tool #6 Wiki's=teamwork!

Wiki's would be a very useful tool to promote collaboration! At this stage in students' lives, teaching them about teamwork and how to work together is very important (there are adults who still have trouble working as teams!) Wiki's can be a beneficial and fun way to teach teamwork.

How this can be used in my classroom?
There are numerous activities that can be done using Wiki's. Online writing workshop is one way to utilize this tool. Another way to use Wiki's in the classroom is to do a study group-where students can discuss upcoming topics on tests and help each other. Creating an ongoing story is yet another way to use wiki's. Someone starts the story (can be the teacher, a student) and then another student continues, then another, so on and so forth.

Wiki's can also help teams/departments work together. The wiki does not have to stay within our own classrooms. A team can start a wiki, and ALL of our students can contribute. If students are preparing for a test for example, and they are using the "study hall" wiki, students in my class may have a different way of looking at a certain topic while students in another teachers class may have learned it differently and they share these ideas with each other and it may end up helping someone who had struggled with the way I taught the topic but really understood it better with the way another teacher had taught it.

Just a few ideas :)

Finally! Half way done! My trip to Puerto Rico cut into my blogging time..I'm very behind now!

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